About Baros Island (Male Atoll)

Strewn like a jewel across the waters, the lush, green Baros Island in the Maldivian archipelago is a perfect destination for anyone looking out to get a break from daily life. The island is dotted with classically elegant beach villas, water villas, and private pools, making it a popular honeymoon getaway. There are tons of water sports, fine cuisine, and amazing activities to enjoy on Baros Island in Maldives. Lush vegetation makes the heart serene, while the many facilities that the Island resort has to offer will keep one occupied throughout the time spent here.

With its picture-perfect surroundings and dazzling sands, Baros is one of the most attractive of all Maldivian islands. This small coral island itself is a resort, with some of the most exclusive amenities that one can find. It is a luxurious escape for those who love the finer things in life.

Geography of Baros Island

Conveniently close to Maldivian capital Malé, Baros Island takes just 25 minutes to reach by speedboat from the International airport. It lies around 16 kilometers to the South of Malé, but is in stark contrast to the bustle of the Maldivian capital.

Attractions at Baros Island

There are many places to visit that are just a hop, step and jump away from Baros Island. For example, the Angsana and the Vabbininfaru beaches are top attractions, and so are the Kuda Bandos and Bandos beaches. A little away lays the paradisiac island beach in Hulhumale and a visitor should definitely make a trip to Full Moon beach.

The house reef itself is just a paddle away from the beach and there is an eye-popping array of rays, turtles, and exotic fish for one to feast the eyes upon. Beach and water villas, private pools and elegant accommodation adorn the surface of Baros Island which is inspired by traditions of hospitality and luxury that are true to a visit to the Maldives.

Ecology of Baros Island

The natural environment is protected a lot at Baros Island, where a coral regeneration program is run. There are also efforts put forth for greater sustainability which are further extended to non-biodegradable products and their use. The reef here teems with unadulterated marine life that is a pleasure to see, while the pristine white beaches are shaded by palm trees that are at one with the region. The entire island is set to be at one with nature and the many initiatives that are taken to retain its natural beauty bear testament to this fact.

Unfailing attention to detail is a hallmark of hosts here, and the entire island is planned so as not to upset nature. The end result is that a visitor here gets to enjoy nature in its almost-virgin form.